Indian Researches Demand Hike in Payments and Improved Research Environment

On one hand, India has to boost its research scope, quality institutes as well as researchers, while on the other hand the existing researchers need to be kept satisfied as well with compensation as well as ample resources.

It has been observed that in mere two days more than 3,000 researchers from 100 different premier institutions have whined about a dispiriting research environment and raised their complaints regarding lack of funding besides delays in remuneration. The complaints have seen coming from the researchers belonging to top institutes including the Indian Institute of Science, IISERs, IITs, JNU, CSIR institutes, NIT, NCBS, AIIMS etc.

Researcher, Raman Baliyan from AIIMs told that the centre must consider the proposal given by researchers, mentioning to make stipends and fellowship payments as par with government pay scale. He added that sometimes their payments were released after a delay of 18 months.

Across India, the researchers are uniting to protest against the current pay and research environment and resources and forcing government to bring a change. Having seen protests by researches in Bangalore and Chandigarh, the next protest is to be held in Delhi on July 25 where students of over 10 institutes are going to raise their voice in front of department of science and technology.

As informed by a Researcher Shunham Badjate at IIT-Bombay, a protest in Mumbai sometime in August is also being planned for the same reason

72% male researchers desire for an annual increase in fellowship. All of them complained that since 2010 no hike in stipend as been made.
IISc researchers have conducted an online survey that shows, around  84%  of them are pursuing PhDs, while 91% wanted a stipend hike and some 30% bear family liabilities.

Though, no response for the letter have been received from the present HRD Minister as of now, but former Union minister and MP Jairam Ramesh has accepted that the research environment in India is discouraging and he added that the demands of the students are valid.

The UPA-II government had given approval for raising the research scholarship from April 1, 2014 by restructuring payment to be 25,000 per month for PhD and Rs 45,000 per month for post-doctoral students, as told by CNR Rao, honorary president, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. Same demands are being supported by other prominent researchers of India such as Roddam Narasimha, Aerospace scientist etc.


Varun is a researcher and entrepreneur. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree at Delhi University and later dropped out of a PhD program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Masters degree. He co-founded Aspiring Minds in 2008 to drive meritocracy in labour markets. Aspiring Minds is one of the largest employability assessment companies in the world. Varun heads research at Aspiring Minds. His work has led to the world’s first machine learning-based assessment of coding skills and the world’s first automated motor skills assessment. He has published more than 30 research papers and takes pride in the fact that the fruits of his research have improved millions of lives.

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